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After the stresses and tension of the day, taking time to relax, even contemplate, is soothing and beneficial. Taking time out to simply sit in one’s garden can regenerate one’s being and may introduce a new dimension to your life. The evening garden is stripped of the babble of bright colour – everything is simplified,[…]

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Grasses have everything to do with light and air. The stems, and indeed the seed heads of many of them, move and shift in the air. Think of a hay meadow or cornfield rippling in the breeze. When caught by the light they glint and shine, and if set against a dark background, the effect[…]

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Planning Your Small Scale Garden Part 4 -Trees Established trees have a strong presence, especially in a small garden. One can look up and into their structure. Their foliage dances in the breeze giving shifting patterns of light and shade on the ground. Solid trees have a welcome mass that can obscure unattractive features outside[…]

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