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Gardening for beginners


  The practice of removing spent  blooms, fruits and seed heads is known as deadheading.  This should be carried out as soon as they become unsightly.  Some plants with thick stems will require scissors or secateurs to remove the dead flowers. Other flowers may simply be removed with finger and thumb.  But why is this necessary?  Below[…]

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  In what will hopefully be a hot dry summer, the chore of watering the garden becomes significant. This is the time when ‘drought resistant’ plants are recommended as the ideal labour-free solution. However, come the long wet winter some of these plants just look miserable while others may die. The trick is to find plants[…]

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  These are plants that are widely available and require very little in the way of maintenance. They should all be a reliable presence in your garden for many years and serve as good foundation plants while your taste and garden style evolve. Considered in terms of one’s wardrobe they generally represent everyday wear rather[…]

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