Indoor plant gifts for Christmas 2018

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Frosty nights and dark cloudy days mean that at this time of year even the most avid gardener likes to bring their hobby indoors.  This makes houseplants the ideal gift for the gardeners amongst your friends and family. Below we have chosen just a few of our favourite indoor plant gifts from Waitrose Garden to give you a bit of inspiration.  Choose from gift wrapping options and add a message to the recipient to fully personalise your gift.

Anthurium Red Champion & pot cover combination


Its worth spending a bit extra on this exotic beauty. It has relatively large, lush-looking foliage, and long-lasting heart shaped, waxy-looking red flowers, each with a distinctive yellow ‘tail’. Flamingo flowers are great if you want to add a bright splash of colour to a well lit room or conservatory, and they come with a quality plastic pot cover. This gives the plant a ‘finished’ look, and as it does not have any drainage holes in the base, you wont need to worry about water marks on your dining room table. To view at Waitrose Garden click here


Stephanotis floribunda & pot cover combination

This beautiful twining climber has deliciously scented flowers and therefore is often used in bridal bouquets. In the home, it can be trained onto a support and the jasmine-like perfume of the flowers will fill the room for several weeks. As it matures it develops vigorous, climbing stems, that are clothed with glossy evergreen leaves. Perhaps not ideal for the more novice gardener, it is however incredibly beautiful and rewarding, and can be moved outside during the warmer months of the year. To view at Waitrose Garden click here

Cyclamen ‘Rainier Scarlet Red’ & pot cover

These plants will have flower and buds when delivered they really make an immediate impact. The cyclamen is classic Christmas must have house plant. For care instructions read our blog post Caring for your indoor Cyclamen 

To view this plant at Waitrose Garden click here

lemon ‘Garey’s Eureka’ ( Four Seasons)

A remarkable, self fertile, heavy-cropping, little tree with glossy, dark green leaves and smooth-skinned, bright golden fruit with exceptional flavour. This clever variety is unique in that it keeps on producing flowers from spring to autumn, so it is possible to have flowers, small, un-ripened fruit as well as ready-to-pick lemons on the plant at the same time. One of the hardiest lemon trees available, it can be grown on a sunny patio in summer, but will need an unheated conservatory or greenhouse to over-winter. The plants may not arrive with fully developed lemons, but they are top-notch, quality plants. To view at Waitrose Garden click here

Wax Amaryllis (no water living amaryllis)

No water flowers bulbs are handmade with specially selected amaryllis bulbs that don’t need water to grow. The bulb has enough energy for the flower to grow. So just enjoy this easy eyecatcher. All guaranteed to be flowering in 3-6 weeks. To view at Waitrose Garden click here

To view all Christmas houseplant gifts at Waitrose Garden click here

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