100cm Fold Away Steel Sunflower Fire Pit by La Fiesta


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Bring sunshine to your garden even on the most overcast days with this gorgeous sunflower fire pit from La Fiesta. Designed to look just like a majestic sunflower, this fire pit cleverly unfolds like an opening flower when you want to use it and can be folded back away for easy storage in a shed or garage. This fire pit has been made from durable steel for added heat and weather resistance, perfect for almost any garden. We recommend setting up your fire pit on a soft surface to avoid damage. Please note: Allow time for the fire pit to cool before folding away. Features: Striking sunflower design – Bring a little sunshine to your garden or patio all summer long, no matter the weather Folds away – This space-saving feature means your firepit won’t be taking up lots of room in your garage or shed Portable fire pit – The small footprint means you can fold this fire pit away and take it with you – perfect for visiting friends and family or going on holiday Entertain all evening – keep your outdoor entertainment going long into the night thanks to the extra heat and warmth Sturdy construction – Made from durable steel for added heat and weather resistance Self assembly Specifications: Height: 34cm (1ft 1¼in) Width: 100cm (3ft 3½in) Depth: 100cm (3ft 3½in) Weight: 18kg What’s in the Box? 12 Steel Petals Fire bowl centre Stand Unique Sunflower Design This striking fire pit unfolds to reveal the unique sunflower shape, making this a perfect addition to the garden of any fan of the Helianthus . With twelve steel petals, this fire pit cleverly unfolds to make a gorgeous centrepiece to your patio, perfect for garden parties and BBQs. Easily Folds Away This innovative fire pit can be quickly and easily folded away so you can store it in a shed or garage if the weather should turn. Its small footprint means that can fit in the boot of your car: perfect for taking on holiday or to a family BBQ. Keep Warm All Evening Gather around the gently crackling fire on cool summer evenings to keep warm all night long. Perfect for keeping the party going long after the sun has set, this fire pit adds heat and light to your patio so you can enjoy being outside for longer. Construction Guide STEP ONE Take inventory of all parts. Align base and petals as pictured. STEP TWO Slot the first petal onto the first tab as shown. STEP THREE Slot the second petal onto the second tab. Make sure to overlap the two petals so each petal rests on top of the previous one. STEP FOUR Slot all petals onto the tabs, making sure to overlap them. Leave the final petal. STEP FIVE Slot the final petal into place on the final tab. Make sure that it overlaps the previous petal and goes beneath the next petal. STEP SIX All 12 petals should now be in place and fan out as shown above. STEP SEVEN Turn the base with petals upsidedown and place the round support base on top, lining up the holes in the slots with the holes in the base. STEP EIGHT Screw the base into place.


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