160L Terracottage Wallmounted Water Butt & BLACK Gutter Mate Diverter Bundle


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This space-saving Wallmounted Terracottage Water Butt & Black Gutter Mate Diverter Bundle is the ideal solution for small to medium gardens. Manufactured in the UK and from 100% recycled plastic, the 160L Terracottage water butt is perfect for gardens where space is limited as it fixes securely to the wall. It also comes with a Gutter Mate Diverter which filters and diverts the rainwater from your downpipe to your water butt. Not only does this help the environment but it also helps to save money on your waterbills! The space-saving Terracottage includes three outlet connections at the bottom of the water butt and can be used for the tap supplied or for connecting to another water butt. Being mounted above ground allows easy access to the tap or for hose connection. The Terracottage water butt can be connected to the downpipe either from the right or left side. The water butt includes: Easy-Twist 3/4″ Male BSP Tap Mounting Wall Plugs & Brackets Screws Technical Specification: Height: 122cm Width: 45cm Depth: 30cm Capacity: 160 Litres Weight: 12kg View our installation guide. Each Gutter Mate box includes: Gutter Mate Filter Square to round adaptor for Square Downpipes Blanking Cap for Diverter outlet, if needed Hose Adaptor for Water Butt Screws and plugs for fitting Gutter mate to wall. 500mm of hose to connect Gutter Mate to water butt or tank. Subject to distance between Gutter mate and water butt / tank a longer length of hose may be needed. Popular ways the Gutter Mate Diverter and filter is used: To protect your soakway from blockages. To collect filtered rainwater to keep your pond full of fresh water. Irrigation for domestic and commercial gardens, lawns and greenhouses. Collect and filter rainwater from your guttering and downpipe. Rainwater for household appliances such as a washing machine or toilet. Benefits of the Gutter Mate: Works perfectly with wallmounted water butts like the Terracottage. The only filter diverter which filters all the rainwater coming down the downpipe. The only filter which allows you to use both outlets from the filter for your water collection and the water from both has been filtered. Keeps you safe, no need to go up the ladder. Only takes 30 seconds to clean the filter. Saves money – you don’t have to pay someone to clean your gutters. Please note: When the Terracottage water butt is full of water, the weight needing to the supported is 170kg. The customer is also responsible for determining if the wall on which the water butt is to be mounted is of adequate strength. If the wall is not vertical and flat where the Terracottage water butt is to be fitted, such as a rough-cut stone wall, the wall should be prepared to allow the back of the water butt to sit flat and in a vertical position flat against the wall, or a backing plate, for the length and width of the back of the water butt. As suppliers we take no responsibility for this determination. Green Apple Award Winner. Watch our step-by-step guide on how to set up your Guttermate diverter & filter


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