16×10 Petra Tongue and Groove Reverse Apex Summerhouse -BillyOh


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This 16×10 BillyOh Petra summerhouse range has been designed to offer a modern and contemporary look to a popular style of summerhouse. Width: 4.75m (15ft7) Depth: 3.18m (10ft5) Eaves: 1.73m (5ft8) Ridge: 2.47m (8ft1). 11mm T&G Panel Construction. Modern M&T Constructed Doors. Wide Frontage Reverse Apex. Tallest Reverse Apex Increased Headroom. 10 Year Warranty. Optional Pre-assembled Floor: (9mm OSB, 10mm Solid sheet, 11mm TG, 11mm Pressure Treated TG, 19mm Pressure Treated TG, 19mm TG). Optional Roof: (9mm OSB , 8mm Solid Sheet, 11mm TG). Optional heavy Duty roof includes additional truss””””””””””””””””s. Optional Felt Options: Sand or Mineral.


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