3000 Watt Electric Garden Leaf Blower Vacuum And Mulcher


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The Selections Electric Leaf Blower comes with many features that set it apart from the competition. Starting with its powerful 3000watt motor, it has a 4 meter cable that comes complete with a belt hanger – a minor detail, but surprisingly handy when using the machine to stop any tangles and increase safe operation.
The leaf hoover is supported by an adjustable cushion grip handle that can be positioned to hold the unit at pretty much any desired angle. The nozzle is adjustable (from 47cm to 74cm fully extended) and has wheels at the base that can take the weight of the unit if the operator is feeling fatigued. The nozzle also features an adjustable mini ‘rake’ feature in the nozzle; when extended, these tines can be used to tease out any stubborn, wet leaves from tricky corners
Coming with a 50 litre capacity bag (with a zip for emptying), the function can be switched from blowing to leaf vacuum and mulcher with the push of a lever. The other extremely handy feature is an openable section in the body of the machine that enables the fan to be cleaned – great if it gets clogged up.
* Complete with a carrying strap
* 3000 watt adjustable speed motor
* Telescopic nozzle to 74cm
* 50 litre capacity bag
* Retractable rake on nozzle
* Soft grip cushioned handle
* Shredder/fan access panel
* Dimensions: 74cm D x 18cm W x 86cm H


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