360L Antique Amphora Water Butt in Granite


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Add a Mediterranean flavour to your garden with this 360L Antique Amphora Water Butt in Granite which includes a planter and plant fleece. This water butt has highly elaborate details and is both UV-stable and weather resistant. It also comes with a chrome tap and a pre-fitted inlet seal and threaded connection for tap, so no need for drilling. Downpipe is not included but can be bought as an optional extra. This water butt features a fixed planter cup in the top, which when lined with the geotextile fleece allows the planted area to also catch rainwater which is collected in the tank below. The high quality threaded tap hole in the front of the tank makes the tap installation easy for you, with the water below the tap level serving as a stable base. These water butts can easily be installed to any downpipe, brightening up your garden.Dimensions: Height: 120cm (47 inches) Diameter: 78cm (31 inches) Width: 78cm (31 inches) Weight: 20kg Capacity: 360 Litres (79 UK Gallons)


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