4.2KW Eden Pro Stainless Steel Gas Greenhouse Heater


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Keep your plants warm this winter with the Eden Pro Stainless Steel Gas Greenhouse Heater . Crafted from stainless steel , this durable heater is equipped with a long-lasting blue flame burner , piezo ignition , an oxygen depletion system (ODS) , and a CO2 sensor . This handy heater allows you to maintain a warm temperature in your greenhouse, which helps nurture your plants during colder weather, extends the growing season. It also allows you to grow exotic plants you couldn’t otherwise. It also comes with a thermostat , safety cut-off , hose, and propane regulator . Features: Stainless steel body – highly durable and resistant to corrosion Blue flame burner – keeps your greenhouse warm and toasty to nurture your plants Oxygen depletion system (ODS) – measures oxygen levels to help prevent accidents Piezo ignition – portable due to self-ignition Thermostat – allows you to monitor the temperature CO2 sensor – allows you to monitor the air quality Specifications: Height: 48.5cm (19in) Width: 42cm (17in) Depth: 19cm (7in) Weight: 5.5kg Material: Stainless steel Heat Output: 4.2KW Temperature Range: 7°C – 32°C Power: 2000W Gas Type: Propane


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