600 Blackdown Range Single Leaf Mould Wooden Composter with Lid


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ORIGINAL ORGANICS BRITISH WOODEN COMPOSTERSBRITISH TIMBER 22mm thick. So many of our competitors only use 15mm thick timber or less. *Material sourced from UK forestry.*Low carbon footprint in relation to Imported alternatives.*Timber Species – Redwood.*All timber products are Fully FSC certified and EUTR compliant. (EUTR = EU Timber Regulation).*Manufactured in the UK.*Treated with UK and EU approved water based wood preserving treatment to give a 15-year guarantee. BRITISH MADE and BRITISH JOBS. Self-Assembly, All screws are supplied in a small plastic bag with instructions. The Green way to compost. Please note – all wood used has been high pressure and vacuum treated with preservative which allows for a 15 year warranty on our composters and raised beds. Colour of wood may vary from images shown as a result of the treatment process. Also note, you may receive your order and the timber may be wet, this can be because it has stood out in the rain during transit or it can be the timber has not dried out from the preservative treatment process. If the composter is received with the timber wet you may also notice some mould on the timber this will disappear when the timber dries and will not affect the operation or the warranty we give.This will not affect the use of the composter or raised bed, however there may be some warping and twisting of the timber as the timber dries. When timber dries out there may also be some shrinkage, however this can be mainly mitigated by ensuring all the screws are used in the installation and they are firmly secured into the timber. Our wooden products are made from UK Redwood, if the timber is wet and then dries out there is a chance the timber will warp or twist. This is a natural phenomenon which should not affect the use or operation of the product. Our guarantee does not provide any form of warranty against warping or twisting. 600 Blackdown Range Single Leaf Mould Wooden Composter with Lid Pressure treated FSC accredited wood with a natural timber finishLined with a PVC Mesh cut to size. Width: 1040mmDepth: 1040mmHeight: 760mm Capacity approx 629 Litres Extend with Standard, Leaf and Slotted 600 Extra Modules.


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