8 Inch Standard Bypass Pruning Secateurs


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8 Inch Standard Bypass Pruning Secateurs, the cutting blades are made from quality carbon steel for profesional use in your garden. Vinyl grips for user comfort with a locking latch for the closed position for safety when the secateurs are in storage. The secateurs should be cleaned and lubricated after each use for a longer life. Ideal to use in your garden to prune your plants when they are dormant so that the sap does not seep from the cuts. Evergreens should be pruned in the spring and autumn, roses and deciduous shrubs should be pruned after flowering. Cut cleanly above an outward growthat an angle parallel to it, making sure the thicker, non cutting blade is in contact with the unwanted part of the stem to avoid damage to your plant.Approximately 8 inch Explore more of our Garden Maintenance range, we have a huge variety of products in stock. Have a query or can’t find something you’re looking for? We receive new deliveries every week, so if the item you wish to purchase is currently out of stock, please contact our Customer Services Team and we may be able to reserve the items you require.


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