AL-KO LBV 4090Li EnergyFlex Cordless Leaf Blower/Vac (No Battery/Charger)

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The LBV4090Li offers users a cordless leaf blower which can also be used as a garden vacuum. The EnergyFlex LBV 4090Li can be swapped from blow to vac very easily with a rotary switch. As the machine is cordless you can move around lawns and gardens freely without cables. The blow/vac can be used with either the 4Ah or 5Ah EnergyFlex li-ion batteries. The bigger the battery the longer the running time of the machine. Approximate running times are up to 25 minutes. The blower has an air speed of approximate 134mph and a large collection bag is included. Additional features include a shoulder strap and front transport wheels. Battery and charger not included.Weight without battery is 4.5kg

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