Bermuda 2000 Pond Pump


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Bermuda Pond Pumps are built to last, allowing you to have years of pleasure from your pond. Bring your garden to life with the sound of relaxing running water, with the Bermuda 2000 Pond pump. Capable of running 24 hours a day and ideal for powering fountains, waterfalls and filters. Complete with fountain jets, flow adjusters, extension pipe and hose adaptor. Flow rate hh 440 Gal / 2000 L, at 0.5m gals/ltrs (ph) 390 Gal/1777 L, flow rate at 1.0m 333 Gal/1521 L, flow rate at 1.5m 266 Gal/ 1210L, flow rate at 2.0m 179 Gal/ 813L. 45 W. 3 year guarantee. For more information please call us on 01789 763 336.

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