Bosch AQT 42-13 Pressure Washer


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The Bosch AQT 42-13 boasts a 1900 watt motor, this Bosch high-pressure washer delivers powerful and effective cleaning. A selection of nozzles means you can adjust pressure and technique to your specifications and when you’re done they tuck away into the washer with integrated quick-connect fittings. With large, terrain-friendly wheels and telescopic height adjustable handle, this pressure washer is easy to use in all manner of jobs. The specially designed pump also means that you can take water either from a mains pump or from an external water source, ensuring maximum convenience. Features and Benefits Powerful and flexible cleaning – The powerful 1900 watt motor and specially coordinated nozzles combine to enable impressively fast and flexible cleaning results Accessories Included – Equipped with comprehensive special accessories for a wide range of cleaning tasks, giving the user maximum cleaning performance at all times Versatile – The special pump enables the high-pressure washer to take water both from the mains and from an external source Specifications Motor power: 1900 W Max. pressure: 130 bar Max. flow rate: 420 l/h Inlet water temperature: 40°C Self-Priming capability: Yes Detergent system: High-pressure foam Pump type: 3 cylinder Cable length: 5m Hose length: 7m Weight: 11.3kg What’s included 1 x 550ml detergent nozzle 1 x 90°Nozzle 1 x rotary nozzle


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