Bosch AXT 25D Electric Garden Shredder


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The AXT 25D is part of a range of shredders from renowned shredder manufacturer Bosch. The AXT 25D utilises a quiet and effecient drum cutter which creates a self feed mechanism for convenient shredding. The 2500W motor provides power to cut and crush branches up to 40mm in diameter. As with all 2010 AXT shredders the large integrated collector doubles as a storage facility, with the hopper detached and placed inside the collector the entire machine is compact and easy to store.Features:Touch Pad: The main controls are grouped on a convenient touch pad, with a “pulse” reverse function enabling fast and controlled unblocking.Detatchable Hopper: The hopper is easily removed, and can be stored inside the collection box making the whole machine extremely easy to store and transport.Drum Cutting System: Self-feeding and quiet, the drum cutting system offers convenient shredding by steadily pulling material through automatically. Woody material is cut and crushed for optimal volume reduction.Specifications:Power: 2500W Chipping Capacity: 40mm Productivity: 190kg per hour Box Volume: 53 Litre Cutting System: Drum Cutter Rate of Cut: 41 rpm


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