Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Electric Garden Shredder


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The Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid shredder is a fast and powerful shredder perfect for green. soft material. Powered by a high speed 2200 watt Bosch ムPowerdriveメ motor. it enables high material throughput. With its laser-cut precision blade. made from especially hardened steel. it provides excellent cutting performance. Running at 3600rpm. the AXT 2200 Rapid is lighter and faster than most other shredders available on the market today. The high speed 2200 watt motor and innovative gear set work together to give torque when needed.When the going gets tough. the torque automatically increases to work powerfully. even under difficult conditions.The AXT 2200 Rapid shredder is extremely easy to assemble. It has wheels for convenience and. weighing only 12kg. it is easy to move. It comes with a practical plunger for increased material throughput.Specifications:Fitted with 2200 Watt Bosch ‘PowerDrive’ motorPatented large capacity hopper for quick and easy feedPractical plunger for increased material t…

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