Bosch CityMower 18-32 Cordless Lawnmower


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The 18V cordless lawnmower for effortless lawn care of urban gardensPowerful cordless lawnmower for urban gardensErgoflex handles provide comfortable handling and easy controlGrass combs ensure perfect results on edges and along wallsLever with central control of 3 cutting heights from 30-60 mmThe CityMower18 is a lightweight cordless lawnmower designed for easy urban lawn-care. It features a powerful 18 V battery with an advanced battery management system for longer runtimes, enabling cordless freedom without sacrificing power or efficiency. The Ergoflex handles provide easy handling and support a healthy, comfortable posture while working. The product also feature a lever control with a 3-step cutting height range of 30-60 mm for easy selection of the preferred lawn height. Grass combs ensure a clean trim along walls and edges for quick and easy results.
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