Bosch Fontus Gen II Cordless Outdoor Pressure Washer Cleaner with 2.5 Ah 18 V Battery & Charger


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Gen 2 of the Fontus helps keep prized possessions clean without damaging delicate paintwork. Ideal for an enthusiastic user, the 12 adjustable pressure modes allow for total control. Quick set-up and easy manoeuvrability – the cordless Fontus makes fast results easy. Unlike traditional high-pressure washers, this portable cleaner is perfect for use at home or on the go due to its 15 L water tank and an 18 V battery. Enjoy adjustable pressure modes and four spray patterns – a pencil jet for stubborn dirt, a 15° fan jet for precision on smaller surfaces, a 50° fan jet to rinse larger areas, and a shower jet for gentle cleaning. Its attachable SmartBrush is ideal for rinsing windows and bike wheels. An accessory storage and in-use gun holder make cleaning even more convenient. Features and Benefits Versatile spray patterns and adjustable pressure – The ideal tool for cleaning cars and bikes, rinsing muddy boots and dustbins, or even showering down dirty feet and paws in summer. Fast set-up and easy manoeuvrability – Fill up the water tank, extend the handle and experience easy cordless manoeuvrability without being limited by the reach of a power cable – clean anywhere, anytime. Accessory storage and in-use gun holder for ultimate convenience – With the hose, spray gun and SmartBrush all stored on the tool for ultimate convenience and quick set up, simply slot in the Bosch 18V battery and begin to clean. Cleaning made simple – For those tasks where water isn’t quite enough, the SmartBrush comes with the tool, stores neatly in the Fontus front storage casing and works perfectly for scrubbing stubborn dirt on barbecues, boots, car wheels and more. Mobile cleaning at home or on the go – Simply load the Fontus into your car and have easy access to controlled pressure-cleaning after a bike ride, muddy walk with the dog or outdoor activity. Power for ALL cordless systems from Bosch – Whether drilling, cleaning or gardening. Switch quickly and easily between different devices with the 18 V Power for ALL battery from Bosch. For even more flexibility the battery fits also in tools of other Power for ALL battery alliance partner. Specifications New mains water feed for use with available mains water for uninterrupted working with a fully-charged battery at home Increased pressure thanks to new and improved piston pump for an impressive clean without damaging your prized possessions Extendable handle, sturdy wheels, and accessory storage for ultimate convenience Integrated storage compartment for the spray gun and SmartBrush Max. pressure: 20 bar Pressure settings: low, medium and turbo Flow range: 1.5 – 3.1 l/min Battery voltage: 18 V Battery capacity: 2.5 Ah Battery run time: up to 60 mins Battery charging time: 105 min Handle type: Telescopic Hose type: PVC High-pressure hose reel: No Spray gun SmartBrush 4 m hose Water filter Tank size: 15 l Hose length: 4 m Weight (without accessories): 9,8 kg Product Dimensions (HxWxD): 645 x 395 x 320 mm Colour: Green/Black Guarantee: 2 Years + 1 extended year through MyBosch To extend the warranty of your new Bosch tool from 2 to 3 years, please visit within 28 days of purchase and register it in ‘MyBosch’ for free.


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