Bosch UniversalChain 18 Cordless Chainsaw


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Lightweight cordless chainsaw for pruning &firewood tasks. Key product features Lightweight,compact and manoeuvrable for effective pruning in a variety of positions,weighing just 3 kg including battery. Stabilizing Tip Protector with Gripping Teeth grips the wood,ensuring a clean undercut and minimizing branch damage. Easy to operate SDS system for fast assembly,chain tensioning and maintenance. Power for ALL 18 V One battery for all Home &Garden tools. Equipped with the Syneon Chip for a longer battery run time. Highly versatile – interchangeable between delicate pruning,waste management and firewood. Reduced risk of kickback. Restricted contact between the chain and the ground,increasing the lifetime of the chain. Pivoted trigger mechanism,fixed felling hand guard and softgrip handle for control,safety and comfort in use. Tethered oil cap and viewing window for easy refilling. On-board battery status indicator LED system to show remaining battery charge. Comes complete with 1 battery pack PBA 18V 2.5Ah W-B Charger AL 1830 CV Chainsaw oil 80 ml Saw chain Chain cover Guide bar


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