Capi Europe Capri Europe Lungo Watering Can 12L – Olive Grey


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We have created a surprising, yet very functional water can, designed to make watering your plants and flowers a simple and effortless task. The can capacity is 12L making it perfectly capable of providing your flowers and plants with the necessary water requirement that they need to grow. Made with 100% recyclable plastic, the Lungo Watering Can is environmentally friendly. The Lungo Watering Can is fracture-resistant and lightweight making it easy to use, perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Features and Benefits Fracture Resistant – Made from durable recycled plastic the Lungo Watering Can is durable and perfect for lasting long periods of time. Lightweight – Made from a lightweight design the Lungo Watering Can is easy to carry perfect for watering your plants indoors and outdoors. Easy to use – With a basic lightweight design the watering can is easy and is capable of watering every plant. Specifications Colour: Olive Grey Materials: Recycled Plastic Indoor & Outdoor Lightweight Designer Water Can Suitable for Flower Arrangements Sturdy Overall Dimensions: H:43cm x W:26 cm x D:43 cm Weight: 0.75Kg

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