Charles Bentley Half Canopy Parasol Base


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If you have a half-canopy parasol that sits flush against a wall or fence, this parasol base is for you. When a fully round parasol base won’t do, this half canopy parasol base will step in. Designed to securely hold up parasols that sit flush against a wall, this is a base that is perfect for gardens with space restrictions or unconventional layouts. The adjustable pole holding fittings makes this suitable for 38 or 48mm poles with a stylish grey finish to suit your garden décor needs. Features and Benefits For small gardens – If you have an unconventional garden layout or limited space, this parasol base will sit neatly against a wall or fence to hold your half canopy parasol. Stylish – With a neat and contemporary grey finish, this base will sit nicely in amongst any style of garden décor. Heavy – With plenty of weight behind it, this base will comfortably keep your parasol safe and steady. Specifications Colour: Grey Weight: 10kg Suitable for 38/48mm pole umbrellas Dimensions: H 7.5 x W 49 x D 31cm 1-year guarantee


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