Claber Cometa 6 Water Timer


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Large liquid crystal display to facilitate reading of set data 3-button programming system. Duration of irrigation from 1 minute to 4 hours on each line. Start-time push-button for irrigation start-up. Two daily programs with 6 start-ups per day (distribution of 2 start-ups on two programs). Weekly programming facility (from 1 to 15 days). Water budget facility to adjust set time by 25-200%. Manual start-time with irrigation time programmable as required. Test program to check correct operation of each line. Semi-automatic programming to activate pre-set programs. Rain-stop push-button to interrupt programs in the event of rain standby can be set as required). Calendar setting facility for odd/even days/leap years. General water budget unction to adjust pre-set water percentages. Valve opening safety device with 5 second delay. Pump control. V uffer battery. External transformer included. Full conformity with CE standards.
shock-proof and weather resistant
two daily p…

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