Claber Compact-20 Aqua Control Sprinkler


SKU: 1612301405019739

The oscillating arm in ABS complete with the exclusive “Aqua Control” system allows to vary coverage of the irrigated area as required. Available with 20 holes and 8 adjustable nozzles (complete with knurled end for secure connection), this model is supplied complete with hydraulic motor and self-lubrifi cating non-wearing acetal resin gears. The new large-diameter turbine offers high performance even at low pressure, while the new watering selection device, comprising a pratical click-operated selector provides 5 different water settings. A sled in aluminium sections (Ø 10 mm) ensures excellent stability and easy trailing. shock-proof and weather resistant works even at low pressures self-lubricating gears jets mimic natural rain effect aqua Control adjustment system


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