Cobra CS420-14 14″ Petrol Powered Chainsaw


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The Cobra CS420-14 42cc petrol chainsaw is built to tackle the most demanding jobs. Whether you’re pruning or cutting firewood, the CS420-14 with 14″ Oregon bar and chain is up to the job.
Product Features Cobra Chainsaws fitted with Walbro
Walbro CarburettorCobra Chainsaws fitted with WalbroThe Cobra CS420-14 is fitted with a Walbro Carburettor. Walbro Engine Management is the world’s largest producer of quality carburettors and automatic transmission.
Cobra chainsaws gitted with quality bars & chains
The Cobra CS420-14 is fitted with a 35cm / 14″ Oregon bar and chain, the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of cutting chain and guide bars for chainsaws. Known for its innovative spirit, the company focuses on manufacturing products that offer a superior competitive advantage and so fits perfectly with Cobra chainsaws.
Cobra Chainsaws fitted with chain brakes
The Cobra CS420-14 comes equipped with a safety chain brake which is used to…

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