Cobra PW18024V Lithium-Ion Cordless Pressure Washer with Attachments


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The Cobra PW18024V 24v Li-ion cordless pressure washer can be used anywhere without access to electricity and a water supply. Simply submerge the hose and filter into any vessel containing water, attach your 24v Cobra battery and your ready to clean.
Specifications1x 24v Li-ion Battery & Charger2.0Ah Battery Capacity180L/h Rated Flow Rate2.2Mpa Rated Pressure (High)0.8Mpa Rated Pressure (High)4m Hose with Water FilterLong Variable Spray Lance / Soft Brush & Wheel Brush Heads5-in-1 Variable Spray Head / 1.8kg Weight (Including Battery)Storage Bag Included For more information please call us on 01789 763 336.

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