Colour Camera Nest Box


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This multispecies Colour Camera Nest Box is adaptable to allow the most fantastic sharp colour images of wild birds nesting. The heavy duty hole protector prevents predator damage by Squirrels and Woodpeckers. The box is made from durable FSC timber and has a hinged easy access to the camera unit, without disturbing the birds and is convertible to different species. The heavy duty hole protector prevents predator damage and allows access for Blue Tits, Wrens etc, whilst a secondary hole and removable panel caters for Great Tits to Robins, Wagtails and Flycatchers. The colour camera nest box comes complete with long screened extension cable, (normally 30m), low voltage power supply and scart adapter – everything needed to connect to a television or recorder. Site 2m+ up a tree, wall or fence secure from cats and other predators, facing north to south east. Made using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) timber. H. 370mm x W. 255mm x D. 190mm.


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