Conwy & Venus Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bird Feeder Bath (Set of 2)


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These high quality cast iron bird feeders are both wall mounted and can be used together to provide both a bird bath and a feeder.
The smaller of the 2 is the ‘Conwy’ (10cm x 19cm x 19cm), a charming feeder that is ideal for placing on a garden wall, fence or shed. The feeder bowl simply attaches to the decorative back panel with two screws and the chirpy little bird perched on the rim simply screws in.
The larger of is the ‘Venus’ (18cm x 15cm x 24cm), which hosts two little birds facing each other on the rim of the feeder dish that can be used as a food holder or bath. This in turn sits on top of a floral bracket that is ideal for holding a pretty hanging basket.
* Set of 2 cast iron bird feeders
* Wall mounted and decorative
* Wall fixings are included
The Venus and the Conwy bird feeders are both available separately


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