Dog and Cat Solar Garden Light Ornaments


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For anyone looking for garden ornaments with a difference, this metal dog and cat could fit the bill perfectly. Hand made from metal and painted with vibrant, fun colours, these ornaments are not only unusual figurines, but also house white LED solar lights in their bodies, so when its dark, they throws out interesting patterned shadows.. Both measuring approx. 40cm high, it is 27cm wide and 17cm deep their heads are held in place by springs so move slightly with the wind, adding an extra dimension to the sculpture. They sit on an oval base for stability.. Requiring no assembly, the solar panels can be easily removed to replace or clean.. * Make stunning garden focal points. * No assembly required. * Solar light in bodies. The solar light panel is available as a spare part if required. Brand: Selections. Product Code: GFL213. Dimensions: 17cm x 27cm x 44cm

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