Draper Garden Hose Reel – Grey and Green


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Perfect for garden use, the Draper Garden Hose Reel keeps your hose tidy and prevents twisting, bending, and kinking that would obstruct water flow. Its lightweight design and easy-grip handle making maneouvering the unit around your garden simple. This rust and corrosion-resistant frame with tough, plastic, snap-together parts is entirely weather-resistance and can be stored outside all year round. What’s more, this sizeable unit is able to accomodate approximately 45 metres of hose! What’s more, this floor standing Draper Garden Hose Reel can also be purchased alongside wall-mountable brackets (sold separately), making it ideal for smaller living spaces too. Features and Benefits Aids convenient hose usage- Helps keep your hose tidy, and prevents it from twisting or bending. Suitable for outdoor storage-The rust & corrosion-resistant frame, and tough plastic snap-together parts ensure the unit is totally weather-resistant. Compact- And yet able to accomodate 45m of hose! Specifications Dimensions: H31.8 x W11.8 x D32cm Guarantee: 1 year Colour: Grey and Green Hose capacity: 45m


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