Draper Pressure Washer with Total Stop Feature – 1500W


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Compact, lightweight and mobile Draper pressure washer for domestic duties. Designed and manufactured for rapid cleaning of vehicles and large areas. Perfect for cleaning decking, patios, garden furniture, bicycles, cars etc. Manufactured with an automatic total stop system that activates/deactivates the motor, increasing the motors life and reducing electricity consumption. Each pressure washer is attached with a total stop valve which automatically activates and deactivates the high-pressure cleaner every time the trigger is operated, this feature combined with the durable brass pump helps extend the life of the machine whilst also reducing electricity consumption. Supplied with 3m of hose and gun and adjustable jet nozzle. Features and Benefits Total stop device -This will cause the motor to start and stop when the trigger is activated, unlike standard washers where the motor would run continuously. Long-lasting kit – This device reduces the amount of water and electricity used and the amount of wear and tear on the machines’ components thanks to the total stop valve. Reduces noise during any task – This also helps to cut down on the amount of noise emitted during use thanks to the total stop valve. Specifications Max. pump pressure: 105bar (1523psi) Flow rate: 5.0L/min (300L/hour) Water feed temp: max 40.C Power Source: AC Voltage: 230 volts Wattage: 1500 watts Power cable: 5m Weight: 6kg Dimensions: D 48.4 x W 30.4 x H 28.8 cm Colour: Blue What’s Included 1x Pressure Washer 1x 3m of hose and gun 1x Turbo nozzle 1x Fixed jet nozzle 1x Detergent spray bottle 1x Instruction Manual


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