Drip Irrigation Watering Kits with 8 Nozzles Each (Pack of 2) – Damaged Box Stock


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Pack of 2 irrigation kits.
Keep your plants well watered and healthy with this irrigation kit. A reservoir that holds 10.5 litres feeds the 8 adjustable nozzle drippers (unlike other similar dripper kits, the end of the tube is stoppered with an adjustable dripper, adding an extra watering opportunity). Easy to put together, the flexible tubing can be cut to the required length with the nozzles placed wherever required, so you can adjust the kit to fit the layout of your greenhouse or position of pots in your conservatory.
Coming with 7 meters of flexible tubing (4mm internal thickness), the reservoir is attached to the tube with a simple connector that just slots into place. The reservoir bag is filled via an opening at the top – please ensure that it is in place prior to filling (it can be hung on an existing hook or positioned with the white clip supplied) , and that it is situated with the valve at the same height as the drippers, as if it higher, the rate of flow will be too high.
Please note – there are no instructions included, please refer to the pictures shown for installation guidance
* 2 Irrigation Kits, each with 8 Drippers
* 7 meters of flexible hose
* 10.5litre reservoir capacity
* Dimensions: 5cm D x 32cm W x 47cm H


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