EGO Power+ LB5800E 56V Cordless Leaf Blower (No Battery/Charger)


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The EGO LB5800E is the most powerful cordless leaf blower on the market using a 56v battery to produce an air speed of 270 km/h. It has been developed with jet turbine technology and features variable speed and large diameter tube. The output is more than most hand held petrol blowers produce.The LB5800E is available as a bare unit without a battery or charger so you can choose which size battery and sort of charger would be right for you.The EGO 56v lithium batteries are available in sizes 2.5ah to 7.5ah with each size up giving a longer running time. 2 chargers are available a standard model and a rapid/infinity. For quicker charging choose the rapid charger. It can charge the 2.5ah battery in 30 minutes. The LB-5800E has a long life brush less motor with Low, High and Boost blowing speeds. The higher the setting the shorter the running time. The 2.5Ah battery can power the LB5800E for approx. 100 minutes on the Low setting but 9 minutes on Boost. If you have the 7.5Ah battery you would get approx. 27 minutes of work in Boost mode.Battery and charger not included.


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