EGO Power + LB6002E BackPack Cordless Leaf Blower Kit

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EGO Power Plus LB6002-E Cordless BackPack Leaf Blower Including 56v 5Ah Battery & Infinity Battery ChargerBackpack leaf blowers are an excellent way to clear lawn andgarden debris without the arm and hand fatigue associated with handheldblowers.Worn with a comfortable harness the EGO Power Plus LB6002Ecordless blower kit has a fingertip controlled throttle with variable speedoptions. This EGO 56v backpack garden blower is the most powerful in the rangeproducing a max air speed of 192 km/h and air volume of 1020 m3/h.EGO have been selling 56v cordless garden tools for severalyears in the USA with great success. Their 56v lithium batteries are comparablein power to petrol engines but without the emissions. Battery powered gardeningtools provide the freedom to work without cables and don’t produce any exhaustfumes. They are quieter to operate which is a must in a domestic setting.All of the EGO garden equipment can be used with any of the56v batteries in the range. They range in power fro…

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