Elementi Amish Coffee Table Fire Pit


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Relax and enjoy your evening sitting around this Elementi Amish Coffee Table Fire Pit. As a great heat source, this is the ideal piece of outdoor furniture to place on your patio or veranda so that you can host multiple outdoor parties effortlessly. Chic in appearance and practical, this is a great addition to your outdoor space and there’s nothing quite like it! This unique coffee table adds a rustic look to your outdoor space and can be paired with wooden benches or chairs for an overall natural style if you prefer. You can easily lengthen the time that you can comfortably sit on your patio and celebrate in drinking and eating together, soaking up the warmth from this fire. The fire pit sits in the middle of this little table and creates a warm atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. This is extremely easy to light and the installation requires no specialist skills as you simply connect the gas bottle to the fire and away you go! You can even keep this table outside and cover it with the included protective cover so that it can withstand all weathers when not in use. You can host coffee after dinner and stay outside with this handy table even as the sun goes down in the evening. Features and Benefits Heat source – Use this to keep your patio or outdoor space warm on those chilling evenings. Durable – Rely on this fire table to withstand weathers as you keep it outside in your back garden and it comes with a cover to keep it protected. Easy to use – All you need to do is ignite the main burner and adjust the output with the control knob so that you can have the flame and heat level that you desire. Portable – You can move this fire pit to wherever you prefer with ease. Specifications Batteries required: 1 X AAA Material: Concrete with natural ashwood base Media: 9kg lava rock (included) Gas Type: Liquid propane Control system: Electronic ignition with auto-safety shut-off Flow Capacity: 45,000 BTU per hour Burner Ring Size: 30.5cm (Construction: 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel) Burner Pan Size: 104.8 X 28.6 X 5cm (Construction: 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel) Certification CSA & CE Certified Dimensions: H43 X W101 X D101cm Weight: 72kg Guarantee: 1 year Colour: Black/Brown How To Use Simply push and twist the knob, holding it in until the ‘pilot’ is established before turning the knob further to ignite the main burner The ignition is battery powered (single AAA battery supplied) which is easily accessible and will only require replacement very infrequently Once lit, the flame and thus heat output is easily adjustable by turning the control knob to achieve the desired heat output and flame effect, turning the control fully clockwise will extinguish the flame Stay Fire Safe: Please follow local fire safety guidance and never leave a BBQ unattended. Always read and follow the instruction manual. Never BBQ indoors. BBQs should be used on a flat surface, in well ventilated spaces and away from anything flammable such as sheds, trees and bushes. Keep away from children and pets. Be careful when moving as BBQs can remain hot for several hours.


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