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Enjoy relaxing around this Elementi Branford Fire Pit Table with your friends and family on a chilly winter evening. It’s perfect for when the sun goes down and it gets a bit chilly so you’re thinking of heading inside as you can just ignite this for that bit of extra warmth. It’s a great patio heater and you can place it wherever you like on your patio as it’s handily portable for your convenience. Surround this fire pit table with chairs to create a focal point for all of your garden furniture on your veranda. It will go well with a grey theme in your garden to make this sleek black smoothly finished fire table stand out and impress your guests instantly. It will provide you with a great amount of heat whilst adding to the ambience with its aesthetically pleasing flames. This is a durable fire pit which is made from concrete and is easy to set up when you need it as you can control the height of the flames and the heat using the control knob, making this personalised for you. It’s a magnificent looking simple patio heater that combines style and practicality together to create a source of heat that you can rely on. It’s a handy lightweight fire pit that comes with a weatherproof canvas cover for you to protect it and still keep it outside for effortless storage. Features and Benefits Simple to use – All you need to do is ignite the main burner and adjust the output with the control knob so that you can have the flame and heat level that you desire. Portable – You can move this handy fire pit to wherever you prefer with ease. Durable – Made from concrete, you can keep this pit outside in all weathers. Heat source – Use this to keep your patio or outdoor space warm on those chilling evenings. Easy to maintain – You can use the full weather cover to keep this ready for use yet outside. Specifications Batteries required: 1 X AAA Material: Concrete Control system: Electronic ignition with auto safety shut-off Burner Ring Size: 30.5cm (Construction: 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel) Burner Pan Size: 41.5cm (Construction: 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel) Fire Media: 6kg lava rock (included) Burner Max Power: 50,000 BTU per hour Dimensions: H43 X W87 X D87cm Certification CSA & CE Certified Guarantee: 1 year Colour: Black How To Use Simply push and twist the knob, holding it in until the ‘pilot’ is established before turning the knob further to ignite the main burner The ignition is battery powered (single AAA battery supplied) which is easily accessible and will only require replacement very infrequently Once lit, the flame and thus heat output is easily adjustable by turning the control knob to achieve the desired heat output and flame effect, turning the control fully clockwise will extinguish the flame Stay Fire Safe: Please follow local fire safety guidance and never leave a BBQ unattended. Always read and follow the instruction manual. Never BBQ indoors. BBQs should be used on a flat surface, in well ventilated spaces and away from anything flammable such as sheds, trees and bushes. Keep away from children and pets. Be careful when moving as BBQs can remain hot for several hours.


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