Factory Second – Pair of Roman Steel Garden Obelisks (2.1m)


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These obelisks are new and unused but some of the boxes are showing wear an tear, hence we’re selling them as a second at a reduced price.
Set of 2 Roman Style Obelisks.
At a commanding height, these Roman Style Obelisks are eye catching wherever they are placed. In a border or as the central feature of a flowerbed they add drama and interest while at the same time giving strong support to many varieties of climbing plants. On a patio or any small outside area, they could be covered with scented sweet peas or even peas and beans for the dinner plate. Made from plastic coated steel for a long life, the criss-crossing structure with its attractive finial suggests a hint of rustic flair. The obelisks come in two stacking pieces with fixings attached, so can be dismantled when the season has ended and easily stored. They measure 35cm square at the base.
* Ideal for climbing plants, sweet peas, honeysuckle or clematis. * Comes in two stacking parts, easily fixed together * Creates a stunning border or patio feature. * Plastic coated steel for longer life. * Set of 2 * Dimensions: 35cm D x 35cm W x 210cm H


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