Faithfull Countryman Edging Iron

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The Faithfull Countryman Edging Iron features a half moon shaped blade with a durable cutting edge, made from heat-treated (hardened) carbon steel to provide both strength and durability. Powder-coated finish provides improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkaloids in the soil. Ideal for trimming the edges of lawns to create neat and tidy borders. Fitted with a long European ash T-grip handle supplied from FSC® sustainable resources and lacquered for protection against the weather. A treaded head shape spreads the load and provides additional support for the foot when the blade is pushed into a lawn, helping to alleviate fatigue. Edging irons are also commonly called an edging knife or lawn edger. The Countryman Range has been designed for the gardener who requires a tool they can rely on to provide years of dependable service. Additional Information:• Head Width: 215• Length: 1030mm

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