Faithfull Countryman Garden Rake

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The Faithfull Countryman Garden Rake has 14 strong metal tines and strong bow head support, making this ideal for loosening soil, levelling earth and gravel, collecting weeds and disregarded undergrowth, as well as moving larger pieces of debris from the borders. The head is manufactured from heat-treated (hardened) carbon steel to provide both strength and durability. Powder-coated finish provides improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkaloids in the soil. Fitted with a European ash handle supplied from FSC® sustainable resources. These are then lacquered for protection against the weather and fitted with a foam handle end grip to make them more comfortable in prolonged use. The Countryman Range has been designed for the gardener who requires a tool they can rely on to provide years of dependable service. Specification Overall Length: 1,570mmWidth: 350mmAdditional Information:• Head Material: Carbon Steel• Shaft Material: Ash• Overall Length: 1570mm• No. Tines: 14

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