Flamingo Bird Feeder Silo Neah Multi


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This cute Neah bird feeder with silo from Flamingo is specially designed for birds to make themselves a home. It is also suitable for filling with seeds. Pine wood material: The birdhouse has thick, solid wood walls crafted from pine wood. Additionally, this specialised house design is created to attract birds to your garden.Easy to hang: The bird feeding house is easy to hang, thanks to the cotton suspension cord.Treated wood: This bird feeding table is made of painted natural wood with a taupe roof, making it durable and moisture-resistant. It also complements your existing garden decoration and brings in beautiful birds.Protects bird: The bird nesting box provides a place to rest so that birds visiting can also stay snug and safe as they rest between flights. Features: Dimensions: 19 x 19 x 25 cm (L x W x H) Bird house with silo With suspension rope for easy hanging Feeder silo has been treated with moisture-resistant paint Drainage holes in the bottom to prevent water accumulating Suitable for filling with seeds With obstacle to distribute the seeds evenly Weather-resistant Specifications: Colour: Taupe Guarantee:2 Years Material: Wood Model Number: 444341

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