Flopro Easy Reel Complete Hose Set 20m


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This Flopro Easy Reel Complete Hose Set is a portable, multi-purpose hose for general watering. It comes with connectors as well as a nozzle inside the reel which is ready to assemble. Choose how you want to use your reel; you can wall mount or also leave freestanding. Furthermore, the connectors allow a snap-fit to all watering brands. With 3 layers it provides the quality as well as flexibility needed for all watering tasks too. This Flopro Easy Hose Reel 20m Set Includes 20m Hose Dual Fit Outside Tap Connector (1/2′ & 3/4′) Hose Connector Water Stop Hose Connector Watering Nozzle Reel Features Wall mounted or freestanding Large capacity – holds up to 45m of 12.5mm hosepipe Designed to ensure the hose does not twist or kink when winding Hose Features Flexible UV resistant Pressure: up to 20 bar Temperature range: -5/+45°C Hose Specification Hose Length: 20m Diameter of Connectors and Nozzle: 12.5mm / 1/2″ Diameter of Tap Adapter: 19mm (3/4′) with 12.5mm (1/2′) insert How to UseThis Flopro Classic Hose Reel comes ready to use. It can be used wall mounted or freestanding To use Remove the entire hose from the reel and remove all fittings from inside the drumTo add the hose to the reel. simply unscrew the inlet cap and place over the hosePush the spring into the hose as far as it will go, and push the hose into the inlet firmly. Then re-tighten the cap. Ensure the connection is as tight as possibleCut a length of hose to create a leader hose to connect the reel to your tap, approx. 1.5m and attach a hose connector to each endAdd a water stop hose connector (the connector with the pin as it ensure an automatic cut off of water when you disconnect a nozzle) and nozzle to the end of the main hoseRun water through the hose to ensure all connections are secure. Finally wind the main length of the hose back onto the hose reelAttaching the reel to the wall It is easier to attach the reel to the wall before winding on the hosePlease ensure the reel is positioned close to the tap, to a maximum suggested distance of 1mYou will need a drill, screwdriver and spirit level Using the reel framework as a template and the spirit level to ensure the reel is straight, mark the wall through the screw holes in the frameworkDrill the wall in the identified positionsPlace the reel onto the wall and fix in place using 4 x 5cm (L) x 5mm (Dia.) screwsWind on the hose


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