Forest Double Sleeper Wooden Garden Bench 4’x1′ (1.2×0.35m)


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This 1.2m double sleeper bench is a great addition for any garden, providing comfortable seating all year round. The double sleeper bench can be used individually or can be combined with a table to provide a dining space on the patio, decking or within the garden. The double sleeper bench is made from a selected softwood which has been slow grown to enable a much tougher and durable build. The timber is then pressure treated by the manufacturer which involves a preservative being forced deep into the wood which creates a heavy defence against rot. Thanks to this pressure treatment your bench has a 15 year guarantee against all weathering and rot. Another great advantage of this is that no annual treatment is required in order for protection saving you time and money. The double sleeper bench matches the sleeper planters and tables enabling you to create a consistent theme and style throughout your garden or outside space. The double sleeper bench will require assembly before you can enjoy the seat however it is no tough task thanks to the instructions and simple design. Lovely outside double sleeper bench measuring 0.9m wide, it provides enough space for 2 to enjoy the garden or combined with other benches, a dining space Constructed from materials that have been sourced from sustainable forests, a slow grown European softwood that has been given extra time to develop The side panels and middle support beam means that the bench is completely stable and you never have to worry about stability Timber has been pressure treated so that the bench will have a strong defence against rot damage and fungal decay


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