Forest Garden Apex Overlap Pressure Treated 10×15 Wooden Garden Shed with Double Door (Installation Included)


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The Overlap Pressure Treated 10×15 Apex Workshop from Forest is a great value way of adding a large, versatile working area to your outdoor space. This shed offers a wide range of solutions from simple garden storage to a larger workshop space.This attractive looking building features a 10ft wide front which gives plenty of space for storage or for lining the sides and back with shelves and work benches whilst still having enough space left to move around. The garden building features increased framing and a metal roof truss brackets for additional strength – these are the best overlap sheds we’ve ever made. Access in and out of the shed is maximised with large double doors that are braced with double Z framing for added strength and feature hidden hinges for increased security. The hasp and plate door fastening can be secured with a padlock (not included).The solid timber floor allows for the storage of heavier items such as shelving, work benches and large lawnmowers, as well as garden tools and equipment. With 6 fixed windows this shed lets in lots of natural light. This flexible shed is made up of modular sections where same size panels are interchangeable, this means you can position the window panels either side of the shed. You can also move the window panels forward or backwards.The pressure treatment of this shed guarantees it against rot and decay for 15 years. This 10ft x 15ft workshop is manufactured in the UK with FSC certified timber from sustainable sources. All fixtures, fittings, felt needed to build this shed are included, along with easy to follow instructions.Due to current felt availability, the colour supplied may vary from product description.


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