Forest Garden Beckwood Shiplap Pressure Treated 6×8 Apex Shed


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The Beckwood Shiplap Pressure Treated 6×8 Apex Shed with 2 Window from Forest has traditional and sturdy design and is built in Britain for Britain. Built to withstand the elements, the shed can store anything from a simple spade to bikes, fishing equipment or outward bound gear! The shed’s improved FULLY modular design features smaller sections, same size panels are fully interchangeable.
The shed is made using robust, interlocking, weather-beating pressure treated shiplap cladding throughout, giving it a watertight seal. Supported by 30%-thicker framing than found on most wooden sheds, this 6×8 shed is constructed to last.
The pressure treatment that has been applied gives this shed a 25-year anti-rot guarantee, giving you complete maintenance freedom, annual preservative treatment is NEVER needed! Most other sheds require treatment once built then yearly thereafter. Rather than the more common OSB (oriented strand board), this 6×8 shed features an extra-thick interl…

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