Forest Garden Pressure Treated Corner Log Store


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This handy, large capacity Corner Log Store from Forest is a space-saving solution for protecting logs from the elements. The corner design of this woodstore and its 1.1m3 capacity allow for space-effective log storage.
The unique pent stilled roof ensures water runs off and away from drying logs. To deter damp and encourage airflow, the back, sides and floor are all slatted.
Log Capacity: 1m3Pressure treated to ensure longevity15-year anti-rot guaranteeUnique corner design allowing for more log capacity in a smaller footprintRobust tongue & groove roofing for increased protection against harsh weatherSlatted back, sides, and floor for air circulation and to protect logs from dampPent roof allows for water run off and protection for drying logsManufactured from FSCĀ® certified timberDelivered flat packed For more information please call us on 01789 763 336.

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