Forest Garden Rushock 5.0m x 4.0m Apex Double Glazed Log Cabin (Felt Shingles With Underlay / Installation Included)


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The size and specification of the Rushock Log Cabin make this mid-large size model perfect for a wide range of uses. The apex roof design of this model is a more traditional alternative to pent roof designs and offers a little more head room in the centre of the cabin where the apex height is 2.47 metres.
This substantial log cabin has a footprint 5m wide x 4m deep and uses 45mm thick interlocking logs for the walls and 19mm tongue and groove boards for the floor and roof. Double glazed double doors at the front have a tilt and turn double glazed window on either side with two more 3/4 length double glazed tilt and turn side windows (one either side) so plenty of natural light can get in. All windows are double glazed with toughened glass.
The Rushock’s overall dimensions are 5.24 metres wide x 4.34 metres deep (17 x 14 feet) while internal floor dimensions of 4.7m x 3.7m give a total floor area of 17.5 m square (188 square feet) which is big enough to have a generous home office and lounge or lounge and dining area or a great leisure room for gaming, TV and hobbies. This impressive size and specification makes the Rushock a very usable and versatile extension to your living space.
Different roof felt options are available with this option being supplied with Felt Shingles laid on top of a black sand felt underlay. The felt shingles give a traditional tile pattern on the roof that some prefer to the plain felt alternative.
All deliveries are made by vehicles with a crane off-load facility and with an optional professional assembly service. The log cabin must be built upon a solid and level surface such as a poured concrete base.
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