Forest Garden Vale Greenhouse 10×8 (Installation Included)


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The beautifully constructed 10×8 Vale Greenhouse from Forest combines practicality and style to create a fully functional traditional timber greenhouse that will become a real centre piece of any garden. It’s beautifully proportioned and spacious, every detail of this building has been thought through to give you an exquisite building that will be a haven for any gardener.
The elegant timber structure features thick framing and 12mm Tongue and Groove cladding making it an extremely strong and durable building. The timber used has been slow grown, kiln dried then Pressure Treated to give it an impressive 15 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay. It has also been smooth-planed to give the building a high quality finish.
The glass used for this greenhouse is 4mm toughened safety glass, which reduces the risk of breakages and provides more internal light than Perspex. To ensure that the greenhouse is properly ventilated, the roof is fitted with two opening windows…

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