Garden Gear 100ft Stainless Steel Easy Hose

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Water plants, and take care of all your garden maintenance with ease, thanks to this impressive 100ft stainless-steel hose. This incredible kink-free Easy Hose is everything your standard garden hose is not – super-strong, durable and pierce-resistant. The stainless steel structure eliminates the risk of the hose being pierced by thorns, jagged rocks or anything sharp that may be laying around. The cutting edge design eliminates virtually all the twists and tangles associated with standard garden hoses, and the universal fittings are compatible with all standard taps and hose attachments. The lightweight body is also cool to touch at all times, UV resistant, and rust-proof. With 8 different nozzle patterns to choose from, you have the option to use the perfect level of spray for the task in hand. Choose from full, jet, vertical, shower, soaker, cone, flat and mist options, alongside the trigger lock function, letting you to use the hose without manually holding the trigger down. Watering the garden has never been so easy! Features and Benefits Stainless Steel – The high quality stainless-steel design is pierce-resistant, super-strong, kink-free and durable. 8 Pattern Nozzle – Hand-held spray nozzle allowing you to choose from full, jet, vertical, shower, soaker, cone, flat and mist options. Trigger Lock – The spray nozzle can be locked into place so you never have to manually hold the trigger down whilst you use it. Specifications Garden Hose 8 Pattern Nozzle: Full, Jet, Vertical, Shower, Soaker, Cone, Flat, Mist Trigger Lock Kink Free Design Super Strong Pierce Resistant Lightweight UV Resistant Rust Proof Durable Material: Stainless Steel Hose Length: 100ft Colour: Silver Guarantee: 12 Months

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