Garden Gear 20V Lithium-ion Cordless Tiller


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Garden Gear 20V Lithium-ion Cordless Tiller This Garden Gear Lithium-ion cordless Tiller is a powerful gardening tool that you should not miss out on! It is extremely versatile, not only does it prepare the soil for the upcoming season but it can also be used to clear weeds, dig holes, level the ground, work in fertiliser and prepare furrows for sowing! The 20V Tiller has a powerful motor, it will easily work through the hardest of grounds and precisely focuses on the targeted area of the earth to prevent surrounding damage. This Cordless Tiller can cultivate an area of up to 40 x 22cm, it is ideal for preparing new ground for planting crops and will ensure peak soil condition to encourage flower and vegetable growth. The Garden Gear Lithium-ion cordless Tiller has a modern and sleek appearance and weighs only 2kg, making it lightweight to maneuver and hassle-free to store. This cordless tiller comes with the battery and charger. SpecificationDimensions:Tiller: L94.5-124 x W20 x H34cmWeight: 2.16kgBlade: Diameter 155 x H2.7mmWeight: 0.7kg


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