Gardena B+/L Premium Bypass Secateurs

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The GARDENA Premium Secateurs BP 50 are high-quality secateurs for lovers of solid cutting tools. The particularly sturdy aluminium handles lie well and ergonomically in the hand. The upper blade is made of stainless steel and is precision-ground, the bottom blade is forged and can be re-sharpened. Thanks to the two holding positions with the profile handles, both power cutting and quick snipping can be done. The secateurs have a sap groove and a wire cutter. With the single-hand safety lock, the secateurs can be easily locked and safely stored. The warranty period is 25 years. The exchangeable blades of these highly sturdy professional secateurs allow a particularly precise cut of flowers, twigs and branches. The secateurs have adjustable blade tension and an angled cutting head. The maximum cutting diameter for branches is 22 mm. Specifications • Maximum cutting diameter: 22 mm • Cutting type: Bypass • Upper blade: Stainless steel • Bottom blade: Re-sharpenable • Blade: Precision-groundFeatures & Benefits• Precision-ground blades allow precise cutting of flowers, twigs and branches • Replaceable blades • Premium secateurs made from high-quality stainless steel and aluminium • Thanks to the adjustable blade tension, the secateurs can be easily readjusted • Comfort handles with soft components and two holding positions for power cutting and quick snipping • With the single-hand safety lock, the secateurs can be easily locked with one hand and safely stored

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