Gardena MultiControl DUO PLUS Dual Output Digital Garden Water Timer

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With the Gardena Water Computer C 2030 duo plus, you can irrigate two different garden areas. Features & Benefits:• Automatic and time-saving irrigation – With a Gardena Water Computer, your garden will be reliably and conveniently irrigated – even when you are not home. You win more free time and have a lush, green garden and beautiful, healthy plants. With the automatic irrigation in the early morning hours or evening, less water evaporates. This saves money and allows targeted, optimal irrigation.• Safe operation – The battery level display shows you the charging status of the battery. You will know in time when the battery needs to be changed. This ensures reliable operation of the Water Computer.• Convenient irrigation at the press of a button in two garden areas, e.g. lawn and bedWhat a human can’t do, a Water Computer can: divide itself. With the press of a button, you can water e.g. the lawn in the back yard and the flower boxes in the front yard with varying watering durations and frequencies.• Intuitive operation – The control panel of the Water Computer is easy to detach, the functions are intuitive to operate and the large display shows all data clearly.• Water-saving operation – With the connection of a Gardena Rain- or Soil Moisture Sensor, the automatic irrigation is interrupted depending on the soil moisture and natural rain. With the Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor, irrigation can also be controlled solely based on the sensors.• The practical control panel of the Water Computer can be detached for easy programming. Specifications:Watering cycles per day – 3Watering duration – 0h 1min – 3h 59minWatering frequency – every 8, 12, 24 hours or every 2nd, 3rd, 7th daySensor connection – YesEnergy supply – 1 x 9v alkaline battery (not included)Thread – For taps with 26.5mm (G 3/4) and 33.3mm (G1) threadOperating pressure – 0.5-12 bar

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